At Tristate Accounting, we use several different cloud-based accounting and payroll products. If you’re a dentist, doctor or chiropractor with your own business, taking advantage of these software products can save you time and money. We believe that collaboration is the best advantage of these tools. We are certified advisors in each one of these tools. This is just one way we differentiate ourselves.Let’s take a look at exactly what you’ll get by using each of these cloud tools:


ZenPayroll bills itself as “simply the best payroll for your small business.” And based on our experiences with this software, as well as the experiences of many of our clients, ZenPayroll lives up this claim. Businesses have reported saving as many as 8 hours a month by switching to this system.

Key features of this software include automatic new hire reporting, employee self-onboarding, email paystubs for employees and automatic tax filings. Other advanced features include detailed payroll reports, flexible payment schedules and 1099 forms for contractors. Zenpayroll allows for direct deposit at no extra cost and gives unlimited customer portals to encourage collaboration.


Xero is a cloud-based accounting software product. This tool is designed to help businesses save time and grow. It’s a secure and reliable product with support that is available around the clock. If your business starts using Xero, you’ll be able to easily set up bank reconciliation. Not only does the core Xero product offer everything you could want from a cloud-based accounting system, but it works with over four hundred third-party apps. This allows us to perform more than just accounting.


Another option for cloud-based accounting is QuickBooks. T. Over the past three decades, QuickBooks has remained the leader in small business accounting software. In addition to launching a variety of desktop products over the years, Intuit has had an online cloud version of their software available for several years.

With a single click, businesses can see their Profit & Loss, Balance Sheet and over twelve other financial reports. The software takes care of downloading and categorizing both credit card and bank transactions. In addition to connecting to a wide range of apps, QuickBooks makes it easy to manage and pay bills. This platform offers free apps for several different mobile operating systems, as well as free customer support. And because the software is backed up on a daily basis with bank-level security, you never have to worry about data loss.

If you have any additional questions about these tools or would like professional help getting them set up for your medical practice, don’t hesitate to contact us!