Medical Transportation Accounting Services

accounting imageThe medical transportation industry has changed significantly over the years, from a highly regulated industry to a dynamic and innovative service market. Deliveries and integrated supply chains that must be delivered on a tight deadline rely on transportation services that are both efficient and strategic.

At Tri-State Accounting, we understand the financial and operational drivers of trucking companies and can assist you in dealing with current, emerging issues as it relates to medical transportation accounting services.


Medical Transportation Accounting Services 

Staying on top of numbers isn’t just a suggestion for good practice—it’s crucial for any business that hopes to grow successfully. Neglecting accurate financial reporting will prevent any transportation company from reaching its full potential. An experienced medical transportation industry CPA who is well versed in keeping financial information current and organizing it into actionable formats is in high demand. Fortunately, we’re among those experts who can help.

Thanks to our experience working with dozens of transportation companies, we have first-hand knowledge of how these organizations function. We also know the current and pressing issues faced by the medical transportation industry. The amount of experience we have working with transportation businesses allow us to provide the highest level of service to you.

Tax Services for Medical Transportation Companies

Not only can most medical transportation companies get a lot out of having access to financial information that is accurate and up to date, you can also greatly benefit from having medical transportation accounting services that are focused on tax issues. This type of service can be as simple as ensuring proper estimated tax payments are taken care of every quarter.

In addition to basic but essential tax services, having tax planning done by a CPA firm for a transportation company is a huge benefit. Since most practices pay a substantial amount of taxes, having a knowledgeable professional on your side is the best way to minimize your tax liabilities.

Business Advisory Services for Trucking Companies

Our agency also offers business advisory services. As your practice starts to grow, payroll can become both expensive and time-consuming. Working with a professional who knows the specific regulations to the industry are a necessary benefit to keep your numbers organized and on track.

Beyond Bookkeeping, Taxes, and Payroll we offer:

  • Benchmarking for Industry Cost & Utilization
  • Certified QuickBooks Consultants
  • Bank Financing Negotiations
  • Payables Cycle Management
  • Many more services

Regardless of the specific financial services you need, if you want to work with a company that has a track record of assisting medical transportation companies, you’ll be pleased with Tri-State Accounting. To discuss how we can help you in detail with your medical transportation accounting services needs, give us a call at (513) 791-6288.